Educational Outreach

Educational Outreach

High-powered Performance-Workshops deliver relevant music and career-planning topics, including (but not limited to):

Plan Be Your Dream - Gives creative-minded participants, age 12 through adult, a unique look at career-planning alternatives, based on the Shelton book “Excel In Two Careers…A Plan Be™ Your Dream Book”.

Improvisation 101 - Little known improvising techniques centered around recent brain wave studies for new and moderately experienced 

Help! How to Play Alto & Bass Without Pain - Having had a co-career as a board certified orthodontist (Ret.), Shelton shares prevention and self-maintenance insights into "overuse" syndromes that beset, not only flutists, but instrumentalists of all types.  

As a longtime member of the Performance Health Care Committee of the NFA, Shelton is regularly called upon to present Performance-Workshops at conventions, appear on educational panels, and perform in feature concerts. 


There is a digitally-projected, interactive presentation of the information, followed by Q & A.     

Key information is re-stated in musical performance, featuring Shelton performing sax, flute, vocal, and percussion, plus accompanying musicians; and targeting to include  pre-selected workshop attendees in the performance (assuming prior rehearsal plan)