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    • Some Broadcast appearances are:
    • Manhattan Cable TV, NYC, WFO “Live at Zanzibar”, host Musa Johnson, (1994);

    • CAS, NJ Cable TV, “Cultural Odyssey”, (1995);

    • WDCU-FM, Washington, DC, “Afternoon Jazz” w Candy Shannon (1997);

    • WKCR-FM, NYC, “Jazz Alternatives” w Sharif Abdus Salaam (2002).

      Soundtracks include:
    • Video produced by Gil Noble, “Invisible Braces- Now You See Them, Now You Don’t” (1992);

    • Video on Sex Education and Contraception, “Straight Talk” (1992).

      Articles, Clinics, Educational Performances by Chip Shelton:
    • NY Flute Club, Inc., NYC., Masterclass with James Newton, “Using the Flute in Jazz”, March, 1992.

    • “TMJ Exercises For Prevention and Self Care” (Clinic Handout), 1994.

    • The Flutist Quarterly, Journal of the Natl. Flute Assoc.,Inc., “Stress and Pain... Many Flutists experience discomfort”, ca.1994

    • The 22nd Annual Convention of the Natl. Flute Assoc., Inc., Kansas City, Mo., “TMJ Prevention and Self Management”; and “African Natl. Anthems”, Aug. 1994.

    • The NY Flute Fair, by the NY Flute Club, Inc., NYC, “TMJ Self Care for the Flutist”, ca. March, 1995.

    • The 23rd Annual Convention of the Natl. Flute Assoc., Inc., Orlando Fla., “Music for Racial Harmony”, Aug., 1995.

    • The Flutist Quarterly, Journal of the Natl. Flute Assoc., Inc., “Jaws Need Love Too”, Spring, 1996.

    • Arnold Jay Smith’s Jazz Insights, The New School, NYC., circa Spring, 1999.

      Some Magazine and Newspaper Articles about Chip Shelton are:
    • The City Sun, NYC, “Catch the Chip Shelton Quartet”, May 24, 1989.

    • Gannett Newspapers, Westchester, NY, “ Bracing Musician”, Feb.21, 1993.

    • The Standard Star, Westchester, NY, “New Rochelle Flutist Jazzes Up for Family Festival”, Aug. 25, 1994.

    • The Washington Post, Wash., DC, “On the Town...Roy Ayers, Chip Shelton”, Feb. 27, 1997.

    • Dayton Daily News, Dayton, O., “Double Time”, Oct. 9, 1998.

    • Dayton Voice, Dayton, O., “Homecoming for Chip Shelton”, Oct. 14, 1998.

    • Tomorrow, New Rochelle-Pelham, NY, “Jazz Concert at Library”, Dec.12,1998.

    • Jazz Hot Magazine, Paris France, “Au Duc des Lombards”, Feb., 2000.

    • UniverCity, NYC, “Chip Shelton”, Oct., 2000.

    • Howard Magazine, Howard U., Wash, DC, “The Music Maker”, Winter, 2000.

    • The Real Paper, Pensacola, Fl., “Applause: 4 Star Success with Masters of Jazz”, May 5, 2001.

      Unissued Recordings:
    • 1985-1995, about a dozen each, audio and videotapes, recorded at various studios and live performances.

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